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Vermejo Park Ranch, located in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, spans approximately 585,000 acres, making it the largest Ted Turner Expeditions vacation property. With its unique location in the southern Rocky Mountains, Vermejo is home to abundant wildlife populations such as elk, deer, pronghorn antelope, bison, black bears, mountain lions and more. Through extraordinary guest service and our expert adventure guides, Vermejo provides guests of all ages unparalleled opportunities for outdoor exploration with activities such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, fishing and wildlife viewing for a truly unforgettable Ranch getaway.

The following are positions we will be hiring for our 2018 season.  Look at the bottom of the page to see which jobs are currently available to apply for:


The Activities department is looking for Guides of several levels of experience. We need people with some or all of the following skills: GPS operation, fishing, hiking, biking, horsemanship, firearms, and archery. Must possess a warm personality with the ability to entertain and communicate effectively. Knowledge of local plants and wildlife is a plus. Must be extremely committed to safety, have a great driving record and be neat, clean, and presentable.


Bartenders are responsible to provide guests with custom ordered drinks and an inviting atmosphere.  Ability to entertain and excellently communicate is required.  Must be able to manage charges appropriately and efficiently.  Most importantly, Bartenders should have a charming personality under periods of high stress. 


The Kitchen Steward is responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance and organization of the cooking area and all kitchen equipment.  The Kitchen Steward will also assist with basic food prep and food plating as needed.


Front Desk Agents are the primary liaison between our guests and the property.  Their most important role is to provide the highest possible guest service and hospitality by properly and enthusiastically managing guest requests.  Front Desk Agents handle all arrivals and departures and represent our property to the guests during their stay.


Housekeeping attendants play a vital role in maintaining our standards of excellence and level of comfort throughout the property.  They are responsible for keeping guest rooms and common areas clean and safe ensuring the absolute comfort of guests and staff members at all times.


Attention to detail is a critical component in our Line Cooks supporting the desire to provide an exceptional dining experience for our guests.  Line Cooks are in charge of preparing the food items in the pantry or other areas in the kitchen.  They are responsible for cleaning and maintaining their station.  Line Cooks must practice exceptional sanitation, safety, and organizational skills. 


Waitstaff are responsible for delivering 5-star dining standards to our guests.  They should be focused on creating a memorable meal experience for each individual guest.  Must have a warm personality and the ability to maintain grace and composure under high-stress situations.


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